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Certificate of Mastery in Biblical Precepts (1 year) 

Combine foundational theology and basic Christian ministry training for a duration of 2 semesters (1 year) to complete. You will have the foundations of biblical knowledge and ministry exercise to excel in the character of your calling. 



Government of God (3 year) 

Get the most out of your HSM online education with one year of foundational study, a second year of theological exploration and a third year that features well-rounded training in general Christian Ministry. You will receive insight from experienced apostolic voices and more.



Certificate of Advanced Biblical Studies (2 year)

Expand on the foundational study from our one-year program by taking a second year of deeper exploration of the Bible and ministry. You will receive a sound theological education in only 8 terms with course offerings such as Marketplace Ministry , Systematic Theology, Freedom Through Deliverance and more.


Additional Courses:  Escalation In Kingdom Ethics

 Transform your ministry into a force to be reckoned with and feared by the gates of hell! 


Get ready for your Spiritual Sword of the Word to Grow exponentially through this Escalation In Kingdom Ethics course. 

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