Whole Body Challenge


What is the BCC Whole Body Challenge?


The Whole Body Challenge is a 28-day lifestyle journey dedicated to improving health, fitness, and overall well-being to be effective for the kingdom of God!


How will we do it?

Throughout the challenge, we will practice daily habits together with the ultimate goal of incorporating them into individual lifestyles forever.

The Whole Body Scorecard

  • Accountability via 4 person team

  • Scorecard used to document habits and earn points toward $400 cash prize

  • Team scoreboards tallied weekly & posted on the announcements


The Whole Body Scorecard Rules


  • Scorecards must be turned in on Sunday by each individual person.

  • No one person’s points can be greater than 50% of the team’s total weekly points

  • Teams consist of 4 individuals with various fitness and eating levels


Recommended Apps

  • Myfitnesspal 

  • Fitness Blender (YouTube)

  • Freeletics 

  • Fooducate Diet & Nutrition

  • My Fitness Pal



Click below to download the "Whole Body Challenge Questionnaire."










Click below to download the "Whole Body Challenge Scorecard."