Mastery in Biblical Precepts: 

Do you want more than living a life where you get up every morning to go to work, come home and go to bed – to start over again the next day? Are you not afraid to give up everything and follow Jesus? Can you see yourself train, equip and disciple others? Can you see yourself bring life to the church of Christ?

Take your ministry and calling to the next level. This college level training course will set you on fire! And transform your ministry into a force to be reckoned with and feared by the gates of hell! 


Get ready for your Spiritual Sword of the Word to Grow exponentially through this Mastery in Biblical Precept Course!

 The development of embryonic ministry gifts is of critical importance to us. The Master course highlights academic excellence in conjunction with "OJT" (On The Job Training) will provide an excellent vehicle for practical training in relevant ministry.



    Training, equipping, reaching, imparting, and releasing the power, anointing, and the knowledge of God in a structured training center environment, as well as our online learning curriculum and school of ministry.  

Biblical Mastery Course Class 

Wednesday 6:00 pm